Curious about everything, Caroline puts all her positive energy in learning, discovering  and investing in new passions.

Happy when taking action, nothing stops her from carrying out a project . She’s always down to discuss, to imagine, to create! Her unlimited involvement was in fact a valuable asset for her emergency missions.

Very observant, Caroline draws  a lot from the numerous exchanges she has which motivate her to  propose new ideas once she feels at ease in the environment.

The experiences that will help her during this trip:

• With Vasudhaiva Ride: Building  of 600 wood stoves to heat the electricity-free tents of Moria Refugee Camp (Lesvos Island), design and manufacture a playground with recycled materials.

• With Emergency Architects: Emergency Mission in Mozambique following Cyclone IDAI, distribution of basic equipment: 90 tents, 60 water filters, 1200 solar panels for a quick transition  into a normal life.

• With Twiza: participatory sites throughout France using natural materials.

• To find out more: Caroline's CV

The questions that inspire her :

An engineer is dedicated to solving problems, what is the greatest  problem of our time ?
How to find your place according to your abilities and desires?
How to adapt to a world in perpetual change?
How to work with recycled materials?
How to generate projects from A to Z?
How to act when we know the little impact we have on the great expansive world?

What are the different types of habitats around the world?
What is the relationship of different people to their habitat?
How to revitalize a place by a sustainable local initiative?

How to help without imposing your own cultural point of view?
How to restore the human link in our lives?
How to help others achieve what they really strive to do?
How to calmly discuss with others ones life choices?

How to live fully while respecting the planet?
How to put creativity in my daily life?
How to be happy while being aware of the current distressing conditions?

How to rethink the world of tomorrow? Its economy? Its principles?
How to use the luck we have of being born on this side of the planet to defend the interests of all?
How to put our intelligence at the service of the essential and towards humanity in coherence with its environment?
How to reconnect with the fundamental principles of our ecosystem?

A driving force in a project, Martin juggles between efficiency, ability to listen and laughter. His years in theater have allowed him to easily make his mark in a group and unite it..

Thoughtful and rigorous, his qualities make him a very trusted person, as much in team as an individual.

A ball of energy, always with a big smile on his face, he needs his regular dose of sports. Slackline, climbing, all outdoor activities are welcome! He’ll have no problem taking you along with him!

The experiences that will help him during this trip:

• With the Patro: coordinator and coordinator trainer for 7 years. The objective of the movement is to introduce children (starting from the age of 4) to the values of living together through games.

• With Emergency Architects: Mission to rebuild two schools in villages and train workers in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake

• To know a little more: CV Martin

The questions that inspire him:

How can I be useful to this world?

What is the meaning of "being useful" today?

Can society as I know it in France and Belgium make me happy?

How do you find the balance between having time for yourself and making enough money to live in the society that surrounds us?

What do I genuinely like to do?

How to change the notion of failure in our journeys, to perceive it as more than simply what’s negative but also as an apprenticeship,  so that everyone may darea little more?

Is it difficult to travel for a long time?

Is my engineering education really relevant or should it evolve?

Is it truly relevant to work on the human scale?

What does the world look like?

What do you really need to live, do I have the same needs as everyone?

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