The bike in this adventure is only a means of travel allowing us to move from project to project. If it is difficult to define precisely the projects that we aim to be a part of, we already know the 3 objectives we aspire to follow :


Being inspired by our exchanges and projects to feed our thoughts abouton the environment, human relationships, money ...

• Living an adventure, exploring a simpler way of life
and identifying our true needs

• Acquiring more experience to build, support and
manage sustainable and long standing projects


• Aligning our efforts and values by putting our skills to the service of sustainable, non-profit projects that favor local interactions.

• Creating, accompanying, revitalizing or supporting, projects according to each one's needs

• Putting the environment as a priority by valuing different construction methods


Sharing the richness of our trip with our entourage, the schools that follow us and people who wish to track our footsteps

• Question one's role as an engineer today

• Show that undertaking such a project is feasible