AKENES Actions

Sustainable solutions sharing at ANKAA Project, school for refugees (Greece, jan 2020)

• Context : Five women created a school for refugees next to one camp.

• Action : Share about our experiences to make it more sustainable and resilient.

Construction of a shower truck (Serbia, dec 2019)

• Context : on the border between Serbia and Hungary, more than 150 migrants live in abandoned buildings, without access to heat or hygiene. They have scabies which is not dangerous if treated but can be fatal if worn for several months. Collective Aid and Doctors without Borders try to give them access to the minimum of dignity and help to get ride of scabies. As it's non official camp, building mobile showers is the only solution.

We were in charge of the construction of the showers. It had to be strong, cheap, light, easy to clean, hygienic, removable, fast.

Workshop in Budapest and Sremski Karlovci (Hungary, Serbia, nov 2019)

• Topics : travelling by bicycle, luggage, small and eco-friendly toilet bag, environmental awareness, upcycled stools and lamps with cardboards • Places : MiraDoor, an intercultural community space, an opportunity to learn, a meeting point promoting the link between locals and foreigners living in Budapest. Radulovacki Eco Center, internationally recognized center for gathering young people whose educational programs cover mostly environmental protection

Workshops with 250 pupils from 3 to 12 years old on sobriety awareness (France, Belgium, oct 2019)

4 schools following our trip which is part of their scholar program : video conferences, activities, questions/answers
• Topics : fundamental needs, confort, slow way of travelling, carbon emission, simple way of living, sustainable practices, refugee crisis, differences between western and eastern societies

Caroline's past actions

With Vasudhaiva Ride:

• Creation of up-cycled art insulation to raise awareness about sustainability, community and historical traditions values

• Building of 600 up-cycled wood stoves to heat the electricity-free tents of Moria Refugee Camp (Lesvos Island),

• Design and manufacture a playground in the camp with recycled materials.

With Emergency Architects:

• Emergency Mission in Mozambique following Cyclone IDAI, distribution of basic equipment: 90 tents, 60 water filters, 1200 solar panels for a quick transition  into a normal life.

• Emergency mission in Philippines following Cyclone Mangkhut, assessment of 30 public buildings (schools, hospitals), funds raising for reconstruction

With Twiza and Colibri

• Participatory sites using natural materials, growing biological food

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Martin's past actions

With Emergency Architects :

Reconstruction of 2 earthquake resistant schools in Nepal

Organisation of 3 workshops to train 30 workers to earthquake resistant construction methods

This video was shot by Martin

With the Patro : 

Coordinator during 7 years for the Patro which is a youth movement promoting values such as living together, learning by playing ...

Activity leader for more than 30 children/year (7 years old)

Leader of training session to teach and train new coordinators (in total more than 150 teenagers aged of 16-25 years old )

This video was shot by Martin

• To know a little more: CV Martin